Who We Are!

Neat Solutions (PVT) ltd (Neo Engineering and Technological Solution) was incorporated in 2003 as private entity by two directors and with only two employees, namely; our current managing director, Mr. Champaka Paulis and administrative assistant, Mr. ML Harischandra at founding Colpetty office. Design, construction and consultancy of Mini Hydropower plants, geological investigations and marine constructions were main concentration in the early stages till committing with China Harbour Corp. to reconstruct entire fisheries harbours from Panadura to Kudawella (in post-tsunami period) further committing to USAID for 82 projects around the country where civil engineering wing of Neat Solutions encounter a rapid growth. In par with our corporate strategy, Neat Solutions was then diversified (figure) into various industries within the company and through both sister companies (subsidiaries), namely; Huilan (PVT) ltd and Trees (PVT) ltd.  

Our Skills

Construction and Consultancy - 95%
Innovation - 90%
Research and Development - 85%
Project Management - 96%
Marketing and Advertising - 80%
Corporation and Partnership- 87%

People Behind Scenes

DVCB Paulis

/ Managing Director - BSc(Civil)Eng, PgD Const.Proj.Mgt
Mr. Paulis is a Civil engineer by profession and the visionary behind Neat Solutions.

AN Pinidiya

/ General Manager - BScDS Eng, MBA
Mr. Pinidiya is driving force behind general management and administration of Neat Solutions.

DH Hiripitiya

/ Senior Manager - Operations
Being based in Trincomalee branch, Mr. Hiripitiya administrates Trincomalee operations.

Mr. P Wanniarachchi

/ Director - Technical - BSc(Mech)Eng, Dip QM, PgD JS
Being a highly qualified and experienced mechanical engineer, Mr. Wanniarachchi provides his input in technical matters.

Mr. DVHN Paulis

/ Business Development Manager - BA(hons)BM, MSc BM
As a enthusiastic in corporate strategy and investments, Mr. Hiruda manages investments, new ventures and IT depart

Mrs. NDM Dilrukshi

/ Assistant Accountant - Chartered Accountant
Mrs. Dilrukshi is a chartered accountant and handles our accounts and finances.

Mr. C Rathnayaka

/ Senior Manager - Technical Services

Mrs. LWPK Anushka

/ Assistant Accountant - Chartered Accountant

Dr. LLN de Silva

/ Senior Geotechnical consulting Engineer - BscEng, MEng, PhD, MIE, CEng

Mr. J Semage

/ Chief Diving Engineer - Clearance Diver (AUS)

Mr. YC Weerakkody

/ Senior Architect- Chartered Architect (AIA)

Mr. HG Dhammika

/ Chief Clearance Diver - Clearance Diver (India)

Mrs. LBKM Dharmasena

/ Director -Admin and Finance - LLB

Mrs. GUD Windsor

/ Director - HRM  

Our Philosophy

Neat Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is a diversified company with the sole target of providing total solutions for Civil and Mechanical Engineering applications all across Sri Lanka.
To ease the burden of our client by engaging in active participation and dynamic knowledge sharing for better product.  It is our understanding that choosing the correct technology and correct partner in your business is vital to keep up with the present competitive business environment. We take enormous pride in our organization and look forward to welcoming intellectual stake holders in the future.
The main company strength and strategic advantage comes from possessing an upgraded technical knowledge managed by a set of versatile professionals while delivering pragmatic flexible solutions have become our success. Our team is comprised of full-time Project Executives, Engineers and Managers who interact to solve problems, comes from a variety of backgrounds and has extensive experience in government and private sector institutions in particularly in General Contracting, Architecture, Engineering Design, Contract Management etc
Since we aim on sustainable growth within the organisation we believe that people are the most valuable asset of our organisation who silently but immensely contribute with their output that thrives results and success of our business. Hence as Neat Solutions (PVT) ltd, we believe that safety of our employees is non-negotiable and we commit with highest possible energy and attention to protect our employees, contractors and other stakeholders who are involved even in the smallest section along the value chain of our organisation including employees, contractors, suppliers, clients and general public
Strategic and long term goals of Neat Solutions are planned and practice with a particular                        focus on our human capital where concerns of our company regarding structure, quality,                    culture, values, commitment, resources matching etc. are oriented based on human resources. Hence, we expect to achieve strategic advantage by creating effective strategic human resource management plan based on human resource practices that are enforced by implementing following policies in our company (Refer HR manual of Neat Solutions (PVT) ltd for more details);
  • Code of conduct
  • Dress code policy
  • IT, Internet and Social Media policies
  • Recruitment Policy
  • Equal Employment Opportunity policy
  • Discrimination, Sexual harassment and Bullying policy
  • Training and Development policy
  • Consequence Management policy
  • Alcohol and Drugs policy
  • Operational Health and Safety policy
  • Emergency Response policy
  • Environmental Best Practices Policy