• Slipways

    Completed, Construction

    Navy- Renovation of Number 3 Slipway Underwater Railway Path at Sri Lanka Navy Dockyard, Trincomalee commenced during the month of January 2004. This project amounted to 11.2Million. Colombo Dockyard

  • Log Gates at CDL, Colombo port

    Completed, Construction

    The Design and Construction of Intermediate Gate at Dock NO 1 at Colombo Dockyard began on the 03/09/2011 and continued for a period of 72 days till 28/12/2011. The

  • 250 ton Bollard Testing Facility for CDL at Trincomalee

    Completed, Construction

    Commenced on the 16/03/2011, the 250 ton Bollard at Trincomalee Harbour was completed by the 20.04.2011. The project proposed by the client, Colombo Dockyard Limited, was estimated at the

  • Container unloading bay for rail freight – Prima (Seeduwa)

    Construction, Ongoing

    Design and Built project of a container unloading bay including the railway extension at Prima Ceylon (PVT) ltd factory in Seeduwa is commenced while further strengthening rail freight industry

  • Land Reclamation – Prima facility Trincomalee

    Completed, Construction

    Neat Solutions (PVT) ltd has taken over land reclamation work at Prima facility In Trincomalee and currently handling maintenance work until the handover after completion. Total area cleared after

  • Development of container unloading bays – Maho & Trincomalee

    Completed, Construction

    To fulfill the requirement arisen with commencement of rail freight transportation of coal, container unloading bays were developed in China-bay railway station (Trincomalee) and Maho railway station where loaded

  • Harbour Dredging project – Delft Harbour, Jaffna

    Completed, Construction

    Neat Solutions (PVT) ltd successfully completed Delft harbour dredging and construction of pier projects in year 2012 for RDA, Sri Lanka. Further dredging of Delft harbour to increase maximum